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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 20, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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even farther. we have a winter weather advisory 9 p.m. tonight until 1 p.m. saturday. it does include southern maryland, but die think southern maryland while it -- i do think southern maryland while it will get in on the act initially i think you will go to rain probably around 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. severe icing possible culpeper and west down towards charlottesville. .1 to .2-inch of ice is not a good thing especially on the trees and roads. satellite picture radar combined, clouds came in around lunchtime. we do see a lot of snow overhead but it's simply not reaching the ground. the air mass is too dry. we have a few more hours. snow will probably begin to break out around culpeper and points around i-95 8:00 or 9:00 and snow eastward. we'll change to sleet and freezing rain overnight, lows 28 to 32 and winds easterly at 10. we will come back and talk about if any snow will accumulate before the changeover and we'll let you know who crawls above 32
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degrees tomorrow. it's going to be a battle. the roads were treated yesterday, but now they're treating them probably for a little better reason. what's going on? reporter: it's getting really cold out here. the good things is nothing is falling from the sky right now, but that's important for the crews now. they're working to get the roads taken care of right now. these hours leading up to this event that we're expecting later tonight are known as the pretreatment hours. right now there are salt trucks heading out to the streets. they're taking salt and brine mixture to try and get the streets safe out there. you can see live here now these are some of the trucks getting loaded up at the salt dome of let's show you video of what it looked like earlier today at the salt dome. there were about 25 trucks that lined up to get loaded up so that they can hit the streets. we're told that there are two waves of trucks coming in to get loaded to get the salt and brine and get out there. the second wave is coming in at
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about 8:00. of course, what we're expecting out here tonight into the evening as topper has been talking about is freezing rain and ice. so unlike snow the freezing rain and ice is essentially going to cause a lot of slippery conditions out here on the roads. that's exactly what these crews out here are trying to prevent. they're trying to prevent the situation getting worse and what already is expected to be, of course, this has already been called treacherous conditions what we're expecting here tonight. again right now the group of trucks that came in at about 6:00 to load up and get that salt out to the roads, there's only a couple left. the next load comes in at 8:00. we're expecting another 20 to 25 trucks to come out here and do the same. so very cold out here tonight. i can only imagine what's ahead, but the good thing is right now there isn't a lot falling from the sky. so all this ice mixture we're talking about not just yet, but we're hanging on tight because
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it is on its way. >> thank you, ken. we want you to let us know how the weather conditions come along in your neighborhood tonight and through the weekend. you can file a storm report at tonight one person is in custody and police are looking for two others after a home invasion in maryland. this attack forced authorities to order nearby charles carol middle school to be locked down a time this morning. scott broom ventured out into the neighborhood as the manhunt unvoled. reporter: this drama started with a 911 call that came from inside the house while the home invasion was going on. police were dispatched while a desperate fight happened inside. new carrollton police arrived just as three suspects were fleeing on foot from the house on carrollton parkway at 11:00 this morning. one of them was run down and arrested in a foot chase, but two got away. new carrollton and prince george's county responded with
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a manhunt, tracking dogs, a helicopter and with early reports an assault weapon might have been involved the nearby carrollton elementary school was put on lockdown. investigators later determines no such weapon was used and the lockdown was lifted. as detectives converged on the house where it started to piece together what happened. >> we believe three suspects forced entry into the home, stole items from the house while residents were inside and fled the area. we have two suspects outstanding we are still trying to find. reporter: police said two college students preparing to return to school after winter break were in the house when intruders broke in. they both suffered scrapes, bumps and bruises from fighting the home invaders off. the victims declined to talk. meanwhile it appeared officers recovered drug evidence that may have been thrown down as police closed in about 1/2 nile away in a front yard. tonight the -- mile away in a front yard. the search for the two home invaders continues while investigators try to figure out why this particular home was
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the one that was targeted. scott broom, 9 news now. the republican presidential candidates only have 12 hours or so left to make their case to the voters in south carolina. the polls this show newt gingrich is tied with mitt romney for the lead in the palmetto state, however, those were taken before that interview with gingrich's second wife who said the former house speaker asked her for an open marriage in. last night's debate gingrich went on the defensive whenned and it while romney tried to gain -- when asked about it and while romney tried to gain some of his own momentum. >> i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate with a topic like that. >> you talk about the reagan revolution and jobs created during the reagan years and so forth, i looked at the reagan diary. you're mentioned once. >> rick santorum is also getting on the attack against gingrich as he tries to pick up conservative voters spending on the campaign advertising down in south carolina now more than 12 million bucks.
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is president obama considering a career change? ♪i'm so in love with you [ cheering and applause ] >> not bad. he sang those notes last night during a reelection fundraising at new york's famous apollo theater after learned reverend al green was in the audience, but it wasn't just a song and dance or at least the president didn't want it to be. he talked about some key issues for the voters defending his proposals for raising taxes on the rich. president obama says that money is needed to invest in job training, education and greater internet access. a meeting is set for monday that might help end a trademark dispute between wolf trap and another smaller venue for the arts, but as it stands right now wolf trap is suing the smaller venue called the barnes of rose hill in barryville, virginia. wolf trap wants the rose hill group to drop the words the barns. wolf tram says it's operated
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the barnes at wolf -- wolf trap says it's operated the barnes more than 30 years now. for its part the rose hill people say their name dates back about a century and refers to the property and the buildings on which the new art center was built. they don't think ticket buyers will confuse the two places. >> the idea that someone would buy a ticket for an event of some kind here in the barnes of rose hill mistakenly thinking that they were going to wolf trap, my goodness. >> we'll keep you posted on what happens at that meeting set for next week. on a nice day people have been known to line up for quite a distance to grab some grub from their favorite food trucks, but the mobile meal vendors have been a sticking point in d.c. d.c. worked on a 30-year-old ice creek truck rule which says if there -- ice cream truck rule which says if there's not a line in front of your truck, you have to move on, but a new proposal says the trucks could stick around if they feed the meter line or
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not. >> there's traffic all the time. so just because there's not line now doesn't mean in 10 minutes there won't be. >> i don't really seat difference between them paying the meter -- see the difference between them paying the meter or the car paying the meter. i'd rather have the food trucks. >> the brick and mortar restaurants are not so keen on that idea saying the trucks say up parking spaces that could be for their potential customers. coming up missing but not forgotten, why one group says the search for this young woman is still going because she is black. but first the latest on a massive wildfire crawling across nevada, why crews are having some trouble getting this one out. stay with us.
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turning now to the wildfires burning in reno, nevada, right now the brushfire is about 50% contained, but it's burned more than 3,700 acres just south of the city and destroyed at least 20 homes. so far roughly 2,000 people have had to be evacuated from around that area. the fire crews say high winds are making it hard for them to douse the flames. blues singer etta james has died. ♪at last my love has come along ♪ >> so lovely. she was best known for that record. it was from 1961, a hit called at last. rolling stone magazine ranked james no. 22 on their list of 100 greatest singers of all time.
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the three time grammy winner got a star on the hollywood walk of fame in 2003. she was 73 years old.
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natalee holloway, caylee anthony and elizabeth smart, these are the names of missing teenager and children who made national headlines over the years, but one group says there's a problem with that. they're all white. black and missing, that's a national victims advocacy group says those missing persons
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cases of color often involve less resources than their caucasian counterparts. shawndell mcleod of georgia has been missing since last august. her mother is upset and said her daughter's case has gotten little attention from the public, police or media. >> we just wanted to know what happened. we wanted to know if whatever is the outcome and we'll accept it. >> the fbi reports that in 2010 of the more than 273,000 minorities reported missing in this country, 85% were african american. what do you think? do you agree the attention given to missing person cases could be based on race or is the real situation simply a lot more complicated? send your thoughts to mcginty's mailbag at or post on our facebook page where the conversation has already started and it's pretty intense. potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars are missing tonight from a nonprofit that 9 news now has
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worked with for decades. we've even had members on the board. the local chapter of the national academy of television arts and science is considering criminal charges against its former treasurer. bruce leshan has been looking into it. reporter: just about everybody is familiar with the emmys. they are among the most prestigeous awards in television. all the local reporters and tv stations, even the washington post and washington redskins pay hundreds of dollars apiece for each entry and for membership fees. it adds up and now it looks like a whole lot of that money has gone missing, prance as much as half a million dollars -- perhaps as much as half a million dollars. the local emmy board has voted to pro with filing criminal charges against its -- proceed with filing criminal charge says against its -- charges against its former treasurer and trustee mike cephas, but the charges have not been
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actually filed or the fbi or local authorities contacted. the allegation is that cephas took somewhere between $250,000 and half a million dollars in natas money. he did not answer the door friday at his silver spring apartment. we heard plenty of stories about how he spent the money, but we don't have any of them confirmed. a lawyer for cephas declined to comment today, but documents obtained by 9 news now suggest that cephas has agreed to repay the emmys $277,000. the regional natas chapter is just out with the statement saying that the missing money will have no effect on its big annual event including the black tie regional emmy awards. it insists that there is new leadership in the chapter, but the news release and the designated spokewoman have left out several key questions
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including how hundreds of thousands of dollars could disappear before anyone noticed. wusa channels 4, 5 and 7 as well as the redskins and stations in baltimore and richmond have members on the natas board. our station representative resigned in protest over this incident last night. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> so we face a severe weather alert we didn't quite expect from earlier in the week. >> we thought we'd see a mixed bag of bring tonight, but i think it's going to be tough to scour out the cold air west of 95 through tomorrow morning. that's the problem, derek. i wish it were an all snow event. it would be a lot prettier and easy to get around, but that's not the case. let's start with a live shot, a weather cam brought to you by michael and son, live shot of the capitol. we're looking at temperatures kind of steady at national 34, dew point back to 9 which is troubling. that means when precipitation
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starts falling and the column of air gets more moisture, the surface temperature will fall and meet that dew point temperature, humidity only 35%. satellite picture radar combined, the clouds came back after lunchtime. we're seeing snow now develop west of town, still no reports of it hitting the ground, but it's beginning to get to our western suburbs and around i-81 and temperatures are still around freezing, 32 bethesda, 32 arlington, 30 reston, 31 great falls, go up 270, 30 in --burg. these temps have been steady -- 30 in gaithersburg. these temps have been steady the past couple hours, 31 laurel and 29 now down towards andrews. not a snow event, wish it were. even stead. a period of snow will develop between 10 p.m. and -- ice instead. a period of snow will develop between 10 p.m. and this is the change from yesterday. the mix will continue through the morning west of i-95.
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that means icing on trees and power lines. that's why we're more concerned about it. 11:15 tonight we can see activity just south and west of us. it rolls through very quickly and by 3:00 most of the metro area is under a mix of sleet and freezing rain. you folks in southern maryland will probably go to rain pretty early. looks like you'll go to rain by 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. so again east of 95 not a problem, just some rain. it's west and north that will not the problem, gaithersburg to frederick to leesburg where the temperature will struggle to get above the freezing mark. by the time it does the system will move away from us. it may end again as a mixed bag in southern maryland in the saturday evening time frame. we get breaks in the clouds saturday night and sunday morning. that's good and bad. with breaks in the clouds we'll get cold air and that means slick conditions saturday night. if you're going out tonight, you've got till midnight before any real problems arise. icy potential .1 to .2 from
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d.c. to andrews out 66 to manassas up 270 towards gaithersburg and frederick and more significant icing down toward culpeper. it is a bit of a problem and it's hard to scour out this cold air. cold air is denser and a light easterly wind, doesn't take month. only takes a column of about 500 feet or 1,000 feed below freezing. a snowfall and we might see a trace of snow downtown, maybe an inch or so toward frederick, but unfortunately not a snow event. for tonight snow developing before midnight then changing to sleet and freezing rain overnight, lows 28 to 32 and winds easterly at about 10. tomorrow morning the problems continue west and north of 95. east of 95 it's all rain, 28 to 34 and then by evening everything tapers off pretty quickly. looks like we'll be having light rain and mix ending probably early afternoon, highs 32 to 40.
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widen the range out a bit tomorrow. we'll break it down. 28 to 32 to start with, some ice and then noon 31 to 38. so some folks at noon will still be below freezing, dry 5:00, at least not precipitating, temperatures 32 to about 40. all right. next seven days. sunday we get that break and then something comes back at us and maybe some sleet or freezing rain light sunday into sunday evening and also some rain south of town and then we will pop in the warm sector of air, by golly, derek, monday, boom. we're in the 50s. i got a bolt in there, rain showers, maybe a thunderstorm. >> ouch. >> gorgeous tuesday, again book your tee time and more rain thursday and friday next week. >> we knew our luck had to run out. we'll be back. deal chicken is working hard to find only the best deals in town. here's today's deal just for you. 50% off a two night escape package at historic hotel brexton in baltimore.
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in the mailbag tonight our wusa9 facebook page literally exploding with comments on whether or not young african americans get the same amount of media attention as whites do when they go missing. shena has no doubts about it. i know truth is sometimes uncomfortable, but throughout the years of the 24 hours news media there have been black people gone missing at the same
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time as white people and the only consistent coverage has been with the white person, but monica disagrees and whites i disagree. i have amber alerts 70 to my phone and sadly, there are so many missing women, men and children of all races. we should focus on that, not what color they are or what financial class they belong to. listen to this reply from angela who says do you watch the news? all you folks see is that blacks commit crimes in your hood and your communities. we don't go missing, right? amber alerts are great, but aren't media attention on television. you know what? as a media person, i tend to think it's a bit more complicated than just race, that it really goes to the person's background story, how compelling are they as a character, et cetera, et cetera and while i still believe all of that to be true, i will issue one challenge. can any of you name a time when a missing african american man or woman got natalee holloway caylee anthony type media attention? just name one and i'll shut up.
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it is something to think about and maybe you can even write about, it mailbag at that is our report for this evening. i'll be right back tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman, mutt topper will be here watching -- plus topper will be here watching this storm system and we'll have live cut-ins throughout the night. remember it's severe weather alert action. don't forget. log on any time you like to we'll see you a bit later. have a great evening. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. the modern-day "titanic." terrifying new video. >> water rushing downstairs. filling the cabin. passengers in panic. as the ship begins to sink. >> it's really just out of a hollywood movie. but the real human tragedy. >> the very latest on the disaster. those who made it out alive come to "e.t." with their harrowing stories of survival. >> we all decided, let's lock arms and let's say the lord's prayer. heather locklear, was she forced into a psych unit against her will? we have the latest. who's the shirtless guy that katy perry is kissing? could this man be khloe kardashian's real father? >> did kris ever joke about khloe not being her daughter? >> oh, yeah. >> what you


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